Fate Grand Order MOD APK 2.45.2 (Mod Menu) for Android


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8 january 2022
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Fate Grand Order MOD APK 2.45.2 (Mod Menu) for Android


The great combination of game elements such as action role-playing, strategy, cards will give players endless entertainment. The game has the plot of an anime FATE GRAND ORDER MOD APK world in fantasy animated movies, which are bloody battles between angels. Humans are extinct and the future will be lost? The gods will fight and bring people back in the future, not only has an extremely attractive drama, but Fate/Grand Order also promotes unity and the power of justice. Will you help the gods in their journey to destroy evil and protect human life?


  • Unlimited levels up
  • Good animation
  • Great graphic
  • Interesting game
  • Easy to use

Game play Fate Grand Order MOD APK


After each battle you complete, you will receive valuable gifts such as coins, treasure, or other rare items. Use the rewards given to unlock items and upgrade your character cards, skill cards to make victories easier. You can also participate in the arenas to prove your great strategic abilities and overcome your opponents.


beautiful 2D graphics FATE GRAND ORDER MOD APK in Fate/Grand Order are meticulously designed and refined. With bright and colorful anime images that will make anime fans fall in love.characters are depicted with cuteness and sophistication, especially in an action game where the horror scenes will not happen, so this game is for all ages..

Unlimited /Rare Prism

Prism and Rare Prism are some rare currency you can get in the game. You can exchange them at FATE GRAND ORDER MOD APK Vinci’s Workshop for various items, Craft Essences, and Mystic Codes. You can get Prisms by completing Daily Event Quests and by burning 3 stars cards. Also, for the Rare Prism, you need to burn 4-5 stars cards. Just download our Fate/Grand Order MOD APK to get unlimited /Rare Prism on your game account.

About the game

Fate/Grand Order is an online role-playing mobile video game. It is based on Fate/stay visual night game developed by Delight works. It is combat-based where the user takes the role of a master commands strong close, also known as servants to combat their enemies. The narrative of the story is presented in a visual format novel and each servant has their scenario which the player can explore.

The user takes the part of the master and commands a group of individuals called servants that are mythological characters from different cultures. The gamer commands a party consists of six servants in each combat, three active members. It gives a list of five cards and utilizes three of them to attack FATE GRAND ORDER MOD APK

Graphics and Sounds

First, the graphics and visuals of Fate Grand Order are amazing. The game is presents itself in a unique 2D art style each is also smooth and feels natural. Aside from this – when playing the story, you are greeted with some nice character art. Each character of the game is drawn and crafted in spectacular anime art styles.

  • Green: Quick Chain – (Critical Rate UP) Increases the Critical Rate of your next turn
  • Red: Buster Chain – (Attack UP) Raises attack power the same turn this combo is activated.
  • Blue: Arts Chain – (NP Gauge UP) Increases the NP Gauge, which is used to activate Noble Phantasm.

How to install Fate Grand Order MOD APK

  • You are now ready to download Fate/Grand Order for free. Here are some notes:
  • Please read MOD Info carefully to avoid not working
  • To see CPU or GPU your device uses, check with the  app


Maybe If you don’t know, Japanese animated role-playing games are not only for entertainment; hidden deep in those stories is also humanity, solidarity, and justice. Therefore, Fate/Grand Order was born to meet your entertainment needs, also a great way to affirm that: evil always exists around us, but we must not give up; good will always win Victory and justice should be what one should always pursue.

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