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6 january 2022
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YouTube Pink Apk 16.38.39 Download Latest Version 2022


Everyone is familiar with YouTube and every one of us uses it too. But there are still some YOUTUBE PINK MOD APK restrictions that one can face on YouTube still To overcome the restrictions once can be faced by YouTube it is recommended to install YouTube Pink on your devices. With this application, you will found many of those features which you cannot on the other version of YouTube, like playing the videos even in the background too. Screen brightness control no restriction over the


  • Unlimited watch
  • Unlimited use
  • Good quality
  • Recommendation
  • No ads
  • Classy them
  • Dark mod

YouTube Pink Apk

It will suggest videos of your interest only. The videos you have searched so far will become your recommendation list. For instance, if you love to watch science fiction movies then your recommendation list will only show you the videos that have ideas and themes of science and fiction only.

Classy theme

The theme of the application is quite catchy. The entire theme will be In color of pink. No matter notification area, search bar area, recommendations, watch later in short every module of the application will be in pink color. YOUTUBE PINK MOD APK That is why this application is named the Pink YouTube because of the theme and color it has. The color looks so girly and that is why adored by the females. This color is so cool and light that it doesn’t irritate so much. But keep in mind you will not be bound to watch the videos and use the application in pink theme only. You can switch to another theme also as per your need.

Dark Mode

Many social media applications are switching to dark mode for the ease of the users. So same is the case with this application. You can switch to the dark theme of the application from the pink one whenever you want to.

Background Mode

But with YouTube Pink you are not going to face this issue, your played video will be played in the background.
Even you can do chat with your friends through any social media application. Your video will not be stopped. No matter which messaging application you are using your played video will never be stopped or paused.

Screen Brightness

If your screen brightness is bothering you and irritating your eyes you will be no longer set your brightness of the screen from the notification area.You can simply set up the brightness of your video being played by sliding the screen of the YOUTUBE PINK MOD APK video. Brightness can be adjusted according to your own choice.

You can play the video on repeat. If you like any video regardless of its genre then play it on repeat it will play your video on repeat no matter in the foreground or background.

No Restriction

As in many YouTube videos, you suffer the restriction of age and the country. But with pink YouTube, you are not going to suffer the restriction of the country and age. This version of YouTube is not going to show any ads over the videos. So watch as many video ads free. Videos of any length will be watched without the irritation of the ads.

How to install YouTube Pink Apk and download ?

  • The best option is to download straight from your browser
  • Below is a helpful illustrated guide on how to download APK files Tap on the Download


Along with these features, there are many other features of the application that you can enjoy like the control of the brightness through the sliding over the screen, etc. In short, you just give the application a try at least once.

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